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Supporting Mama's and parents antenatally and into the early months of parenthood

Hello from BabuBirth!
I'm Emma and I provide antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, baby massage, Mama and baby yoga  and postnatal support to parents and babies across Hertfordshire.
Classes are run from my lovely studio, and are tailored to meet the specific needs of the group or Mama.
I can also travel to you - whatever you need.
I am currently providing all my classes via Zoom but am returning to face to face classes soon!

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Why BabuBirth?

'Calm', 'relaxing', 'lovely', 'a good teacher'. Those were the words my three children used to explain why you should come to my classes. Bless.
I would also like to add that I am unbiased, use evidence based practice, research and have had exceptional training by the NCT and Sally Parkes Yoga, to make me the teacher I am today. 
I have supported over a thousand parents antenatally and postnatally and am passionate about this job. I love it, and feel privileged to be part of a very special part of peoples lives, which is why I give my best to all my BabuBirth clients.

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What is BabuBirth?

The birth..


Since I attended antenatal classes with my first baby, I was hooked. Not only did I find antenatal education fascinating, but understood how it could make a real difference to women, their partners and their babies. I also met an incredible group of women who supported each other through the challenging times of early parenthood, and who now relish looking back at those times with their big children running around! 

I want other parents to have this experience.

Babu became a daily nickname for my three babies and will remain my name for them always (however much it is resisted in years to come!) 

Following my antenatal teacher trainer with the NCT at the University of Worcester, BabuBirth was born!

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What can I get from BabuBirth?

Whether you're pregnant and want to know more about birth, have had a baby and need some practical help, or want to meet other mums and spend quality time with your baby, you've landed in the right place! 
From pregnancy yoga and antenatal classes, to 1:1 postnatal yoga and baby massage, I'm here to provide you with friendly, knowledgeable and professional classes.


BabuBirth Antenatal Support

trustworthy, unbiased, research and evidence based classes

Labour, birth and early parenthood can sometimes be portrayed as a daunting experience. However, whilst I am realistic about the challenges women and parents might face, I also believe that however a woman gives birth, she can have a positive experience and journey into parenthood.

Babubirth is here to help parents with this special journey, and to provide parents with the information and tools to make decisions that are right for them, from decisions to make antenatally, to labour choices and confidence in becoming a a parent.

Courses are run in groups of no more than 10, over 6 sessions.

Courses can also be provided on a 1:1 basis or in a more intensive course format if required. 

BabuBirth Baby Massage

The stuff babies dream of....

Precious time doing something wonderful for both you and your baby. Does that sound good? Then BabuBirth baby massage is for you! Learn a skill which can promote better sleep for your baby, ease tummy discomfort, calm and relax your baby, and provide the perfect opportunity for valuable bonding time. And on top of that, you'll meet parents of similar aged babies and have chance to eat some homemade goodies and chat or discuss postnatal issues.


Postnatal Care

Here For You

Becoming a new parent is one of life's biggest life transitions. Adapting to life with a new baby comes with ups, downs, and everything in between. I'm here in my capacity as an NCT teacher, but also a mum of three who's gone through it all recently. I will help and support you in the most useful way possible, whether that's support at home (holding the baby while you have a bath!), advice (whats normal newborn sleep?), or I can signpost you to the professionals you might need. 
I am currently undertaking training as a gentle sleep consultant so watch this space for updates on when I can provide help specifically in this area!

Contact BabuBirth

Say Hi!

I want anyone who contacts me to feel happy, reassured and supported. Please do get in contact with any questions you have about Antenatal classes, Yoga for Pregnancy, Postnatal Support, Yoga, or Baby Massage classes - I'm always happy to chat things through.


Yoga for Pregnancy

....and breathe....

Give yourself the time to connect with your body and mind, bond with your unborn baby and soothe away pregnancy aches and tension by attending an hours yoga class designed especially to nurture your body. My yoga for pregnancy classes will leave you feeling energised, and restored and are ideal for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. I can provide these sessions privately or for groups of up to 9. Group courses consist of 4 sessions.

Postnatal Yoga for Mama's

Time out....

Everyone needs some time to nurture themselves and being a new Mama is no exception. Its so important to look after your wellness physically and psychologically at this time. A happy and well Mama is fundamental to the wellbeing of her baby.
Join postnatal Yoga classes for 'you time', time to reconnect with your postnatal body, and meet other mums for a drink and healthy-ish snack (all provided!) Courses are held for up to 6 postnatal Mama's, over 4 weeks.
Sessions can also be on a 1:1 basis.
Invest an hour of your time to feel refreshed and calm, strengthen your muscles and core, and re-set yourself for the week.

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Parent and Baby Yoga

Breath, pose, feed, repeat....

Bring your precious bundle to Mama and Baby Yoga, and enjoy the interaction you have while learning postnatal yoga positions which will enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing. It can also promote better sleep in your baby and help to calm and relax them... its not too good to be true...

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What Parents Say....

"Just finished a baby massage class with Emma and the class was lovely! Learning the techniques in a small group, the extra time, a cuppa and chats are a few of the things that set this apart from other massage classes I went to with my previous babies" Helen. A, Codicote

"Emma is lovely and very welcoming. I really enjoyed taking my little hirl to her baby massage course which increases the bond between you and baby. Emma is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Thank you x" Emma.B, Stevenage

"Emma is lovely, and a fantastic baby massage teacher. I really enjoyed taking my son to her baby massage course which she hosts in her gorgeous home. Emma is very knowledgeable and patient and structures the class so you learn a bit more each week to allow you to develop your skills to suit your babies pace. There are delicious drinks and snacks at the ned of the class which allows you to talk with other mums and share your experiences. I would definitely recommend this class!" Eleanor. P, Welwyn Garden City

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The important stuff...

You can book here!

Book your yoga for pregnancy, postnatal yoga, baby massage or mum and baby yoga course safely and easily here.

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